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Security Software

Software Solutions

We are a Microsoft Partner and have partnerships with various other global software providers.

We offer software models in all variations of licensing, Perpetual(Once-off), Month to month, yearly based agreements and many more licensing models to suit business needs and budget. Not only that, Elnatan will not leave you hanging when you encounter an issue, we have a fully dedicated support team that can help sort that problem out in no time – remote or on site. Each one of our technicians are proficient in all the software offerings. Let us provide and maintain all your software and you can continue working as usual whilst we handle all the hassles.



Volume licensing and SPLA (Services Provider License Agreement) licensing for medium to large enterprises, ensuring legitimate usage of copyright products provided by Microsoft.

Operating Systems

Such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows for the Server environment.

Office Packages

We provide a wide range of Microsoft Office packages which businesses use on a daily basis to carry out their daily tasks.

Cloud Solutions

Move your business processes, data and applications to the cloud for centralised access to the information and resources you require to function optimally, on-the-go or at the office.

Cloud Backups

Backup Solutions

Ensuring that you never lose your precious information required by the company. Elnatan provides optimal backup solutions either software based or in the cloud so that you can always access the information you might have lost along the way.

Adobe Software

Adobe Software

For those businesses that require a bit of creativity or architectural processing. We can provide the latest and greatest software produced by Adobe to enhance your design needs.

Cyber Security

Antivirus Software

Ensuring you stay protected by having the latest Anti-virus that remains up to date so you don’t get any of those nasty viruses floating around on the internet.

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