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Client Testimonials:

Newtown Landscape Architects
Media 24
NG Moreleta Park


Testimonial: Newla



Elnatan provided Newtown Landscape Architects with consistent, professional service for the

past seven years. Their staff continuously go above and beyond when assisting us with queries or

support. Theorich Koster is particularly knowledgeable, and has taken the time to understand our

particular set up and requirements , as well as make recommendations where necessary, to enhance

the running of our servers and network. Technicians are well briefed prior to arriving on site and work

is carried out with as little disruption to our staff as possible.


.....Candice Luus, Office Manager, Newtown Landscape Architects








During this period the service we experienced has been highly satisfactory and of a high standard. The service delivered was always within the expected SLA (Service Level Agreement) and the technicians would constantly provide a professional service.


...Carla Kannemeyer, Service Delivery Co-ordinator





Testimonial: NG Moreleta



Since the beginning of our partnership, it has been a pleasure working with Elnatan. It is now

3 years and during this time they’ve been prompt in reacting to our needs, they’ve been

consistent in handling our network and all related queries and they have never gone back on

their word. I can recommend Elnatan with a clear conscience as business partner to other

organizations that’s interested.

It’s really a privilege working with them.


...Pieter Breytenbach, CEO