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3CX Phone System for Windows

3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based PBX that replaces a traditional hardware PBX with an open standard, easily manageable IP PBX. It allows companies to cut call costs, PBX administration and increase productivity at the same time. 

3CX Phone System for Windows is a software-based IP PBX that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX / PABX. 3CX’s IP PBX has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard – making it easier to manage and allowing you to use any SIP phone (software or hardware). A software-based IP   alt

3CXPhone – VoIP Phone for Windows

3CXPhone is a free soft phone for Microsoft Windows. 3CXPhone has a smart phone like interface and is instantly recognizable to users. 3CXPhone includes all important business features and allows the use of headsets, making it a very economical and manageable alternative to IP hard phones. Save on electricity and hardware and administration! 

 PBX / PABX offer numerous benefits:
• Easier to install & manage via web-based configuration interface
• Far less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based PBX / PABX
• Improve productivity with presence, desktop based call control and extension management
• No need for separate phone wiring – phones use computer network, easy hot desking!   

3CX Voice Application Designer

3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD) is a tool to easily build powerful voice applications that can improve customer service and employee productivity. With 3CX VAD’s visual interface you can visually put together a voice app, without having to spend weeks on writing code. What’s more, the application is easily editable and makes management of the application child’s play.  

 • Delivery mobility by allowing employees to work from home using a remote extension
• Choose between popular IP hardware phones or softphones - no vendor lock in
• Receive & Make calls via the standard PSTN using VOIP Gateways or cards
• Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or the Skype gateway


3CX develops a full range of VoIP telephony software products. For more information on each product, or to download the full evaluation versions, click on the links below. 


3CX Hotel Module for 3CX Phone System

The 3CX Hotel Module is an add on for 3CX Phone System that turns a standard 3CX Phone System install in to a full featured Hospitality PBX. The module adds check in/out, Do not disturb, CDR/SMDR billing and more. Optionally, the hotel module can integrate with popular PMS / Hotel Management software to allow these functions to be triggered automatically from the PMS software. 


3CX Gateway for Skype

3CX Gateway for Skype allows 3CX Phone System users to make and receive calls via the Skype network. It connects to a Skype client and turns it into a SIP gateway that can be used by 3CX. 3CX Gateway for Skype can support up to 8 simultaneous calls and is a free download